How a sales professional uses Workplace to effortlessly access information

by Nicola Brassington

How Facebook employees use Workplace

We often talk about how other organizations use Workplace to connect and get work done. But how do we use Workplace to build our own business? We meet one of our Sales Development team to find out.

The role of a Sales Development Representative at Workplace includes becoming an expert in the tool, knowing the content inside and out and then building a strategy for other companies to start exploring Workplace.

So it's fair to say that Paola Dyankova is a Workplace expert. She not only promotes the tool paramount to her role but she uses it herself on a day-to-day basis to enhance her skills, knowledge, and communication to be a successful Sales Development Representative.

Working with her Growth Managers, wider global teams, and external companies, it’s crucial for Paola to have an effective communication channel. Every day she utilizes various key features of Workplace to deliver results in a fast-moving environment. Here's how she uses Workplace every day to get work done.

Using groups to build relationships with the wider sales team

“Having Growth Managers able to constantly share how are things going, what we should do next and how we should do it is a gamechanger.”

As a Sales Development Representative, having a strong relationship with Growth Managers is crucial so they can close the deals and leads they create. At Workplace, Paola uses one-to-one secret Workplace groups to keep in constant communication with them and follow up on insights.

“When my Growth Manager has an account that I want to work with, they’ll message me on our secret group and provide me with the insights. In that group I’ll make polls, share files and LinkedIn messages so we can discuss different ideas, strategies and align.”

While traditionally these would take place in one-to-one meetings, for Paola these lack consistency. “In-between those meetings a lot of information gets lost and forgotten. Whereas with Workplace, it’s just me constantly sharing information and my GM can feed it back at the click of a button.”

Using Workplace Chat to make quicker sales decisions

“When it comes to our team members around the world, Workplace keeps them informed and up-to-date with best practices. Workplace Chat is a great way to do that.”

Time is precious for a Sales Development Representative. Having answers to questions fast is key when handling more contacts and more leads.

Paola uses Workplace Chat to communicate with members of various teams across the globe at Workplace. “If I have a question, I can ping someone or post in a Group and I’ll receive a response within the next 15 minutes,” Paola says.

“Being able to receive an instant answer on how to handle specific situations saves me so much time.” The alternative is arranging physical meetings, conference calls, or resorting to long-winded email chains.

Using News Feed to gather and share sales intelligence

“Workplace helps me do my job better. I can find out everything about industries, competitors, content, use cases, and the regions I’m working with.”

A successful Sales Development Representative knows their tool and sector from back to front. And for Paola, she expands her knowledge daily simply by using Workplace.

“I use Workplace to learn more. I can read industry news that has been shared about competitors. The best thing is everyone is checking different sites for news and sharing different stuff. So I get the best out of everyone and every department directly in my News Feed."

By using just one channel, Workplace, Paola is able to seamlessly acquire all the information she needs to be an even more successful sales and growth professional.

With huge thanks to Paola Dyankova, Sales Development Representative, Workplace by Facebook.

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