How to choose the right way to reach out at work

by Laura Hanrahan

Effective communication isn’t just what you say – it’s how you say it and who you’re saying it to. We look at getting your communication methods right for your people and your workplace culture.

In the digital age, the ways in which we can reach out to each other have multiplied. But the very wealth of choice – and the fact that much of this communication is at one remove – means we don’t always choose the best way to send the message.

Understand your workplace culture and reach out with the right tools at the right time

Good communication is essential for any business that wants to run like a well-oiled machine. It’s also the bedrock for better collaboration and innovation – and the new opportunities these can create.

Many workplaces are also juggling a generational gap as well. The workplace for Millennials can seem like an alien place to your Generation X or Baby Boomer employees.

That’s why it’s so important to understand your workplace culture and reach out with the right tools at the right time. Here are some top methods of business communication and some effective ways to use them.


The demise of email is often predicted. But nearly three-quarters of CIOs and 53% of office workers still think email will be the most common way to communicate internally through 2020. Despite many office workers’ annoyance with the medium, it’s a method of communication that can be formal and casual – and reaches the recipient fast.

The Enterprise Social Network

Millennials are comfortable with emails. But they often feel most at home in an online community using tools for the enterprise like Workplace. The familiarity of this type of communication makes talking and connecting with others easier.

Sending video, photo’s and GIFs helps teams communicate with each other on many levels. This can help people build and cement better working relationships.

But it’s not just about creating a workplace for Millennials. The best enterprise platforms include communication methods like instant messaging alongside tools for collaboration so that all employees can talk, share ideas, work on documents and projects together – all from the same platform.

This connects everyone – from different parts of the business and different global locations. It also helps people find common interests so they work better as a team.


There is no type of communication that can really replace a face-to-face meeting. And there are certain interactions – such as reprimanding an employee – that you should do in person.

When you’re looking for the high-impact communication, technology can help

But a face-to-face meeting doesn’t necessarily mean being physically in the same room.

When you’re looking for the high-impact communication of body language and eye contact with a globe-spanning team, technology can help.

Group video calls are perfect for delivering objectives to teams to make sure they’re heard and to encourage a better conversation about goals or plans.

Group video is also a great way to bring the team together to celebrate a big win, wherever they are in the world. It’s not a replacement for real-world face-to-face contact, but it far surpasses a congratulatory email or IM.

Take your time when considering whether to send an Emoji-laden IM or a long email or call everyone in for a meeting.

Because communication in the modern workplace isn’t just about what you say – it’s about how you say it and who you’re saying it to.

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